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"Sorry, currently we breed only silver shaded color. We wouldn't breed blue or other colors for a while."

Hello, this is Yamato Rising Cattery, CFA and TICA cattery consisting of Grand Championed lines in both organizations. Our primary specialty is in Blue British Shorthairs and the rare Silver-Shaded British Shorthairs. Yamato Rising Cattery only works with the best british shorthair breeders in the cat fancy. Our Blues are from Top CFA breeders lines, and our Silver Shaded brits are CFA standards. These lines are both new to TICA competition, and has been very successful in all competition thus far.

To Those seeking pets, our contracts show that we take complete responsibility for our cats, and are very accommodating toward the customer. Each cat is conditioned from birth to be family friendly. Feel free to call me anytime to inquire about my lines or the breed. Questions are encouraged, as adopting one of these cats can be akin to adopting a child. These cats are very intelligent, and will probably end up training you as much as you train them. ;) We specialize in british blue and Silver Shaded British Shorthairs.

The British Shorthair is one of the oldest breeds of cat, dating back to the time of the Romans, when Rome established Londinium (Modern day london). Having brought domesticated Egyptian cats to the settlement, they were bred to the indigenous cats, producing the British Shorthair. These cats are considered the most muscular breed of cat, and should be socialized to an extent where they are innately calm and easy to handle.

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